Spotlight Work


FolioGrow is a cannabis cultivation management platform (CCMP) using some pretty ground-breaking technology to increase a grower’s yields. I have been the UX/GUI creator on this SaaS app since day one working closely with the FolioGrow team.

Which strains are the most profitable? Which employees are performing the best? Is your cost-per-pound (CPP) as low as it could be? All of these factors affect the profitability of your grow. FolioGrow is a cannabis cultivation management platform (CCMP) that pulls together all of your data to help you make better decisions. From every one of your team members up to your investors, you can get the right information to the right people at the right time. Run your grow like a stock portfolio by unlocking the math in your crop.

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Being a musician myself, I find great pleasure in letting loose creatively and designing edgy music promos for the blues scene and Dallas’ great radio station KNON. I am basically given the copy for the poster and left to my own devices to create anything I want – basically #DesignBuckWild. In doing so, these happen pretty fast. KNON uses these online, in print publications and as posters in and around town. This is the fun side of design. Here are a few: